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This album is a culmination of life spent on stages all over the country. Listen to the stories and songs about The Heartache of Lost Love, Dancing with Abandon, Returning Home after Many Years and The Love of Music.

Featuring exciting work from musicians like Ron Spahlinger, Gabe Dorrell and Zac Groom of the  The Mutant Ears band with their excellent jazz-influenced solos on "When You're Going Home", Amado Rodriguez's Latin percussion on "Just A Lie", Paul Harrington's soulful harmonica on "Way Down in the Hole" and many more. Each song is different from the others and stands on it's own.
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Dan sez... "I made up my mind when I first started this project that I would make it the best album I could possibly put together.  With the help of many friends, I feel like I've accomplished that goal ."

(There are 13 songs on this album. All songs written & arranged by Dan Botkin except tracks 2, 8, 10, 11, 13.)

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  1. PUSH COMES TO SHOVE    Copyright (c) 2018 Daniel A. Botkin    PLAY
    A good ol' Texas-style Blues Shuffle. I wrote this one after getting the riff down on piano. The lyrics followed soon after...
    I picked this song to be the first track on the album because of Keith's excellent slide guitar combined with my harmonica parts on the intro followed by some great sax work by Gabe.
    I also played drums on this cut because I never could resist a good blues shuffle. It tells the story of infatuation with a special girl in my life. Great harmony vocals by Zac on this one!
  2. WAY DOWN IN THE HOLE    Copyright (c) 2018 Daniel A. Botkin (Written by Tom Waits)  PLAY
    This song was a late addition to the album and is one of my favorite cuts. It was written by Tom Waits, then covered by The Blind Boys of Alabama.
    Their version of the song was used for the theme song of the hit TV show, THE WIRE. First time I heard it, I said "Man, I've got to do that song!"
    Listen to JP's very cool bass line combined with Amado's excellent drum work and George's great guitar. I added some bongos to the mix and we had it.
    Great horn section by Gabe and Louis. The spectacular harmonica work by Paul really woke this tune up!
  3. WHEN YOU'RE GOING HOME    Copyright (c) 2018 Daniel A. Botkin    PLAY
    I wrote this song about returning to my home town after being away for so many years...
    It starts out with a single vocal supported by a very sparse bass line and kick drum. The song builds after the verse when the horn section kicks in and the harmonies begin.
    By the end of the song, the chorus has built to three lines with 3-part harmony. After the bridge, listen to Ron on B3 organ and piano and Gabe on sax as they devise a very sexy, jazz-inspired lead.
    Paul sprinkled in some tasty harmonica for accent. I remember that this section wasn't planned. It just came together spontaneously.
  4. JUST A LIE    Copyright (c) 2018 Daniel A. Botkin   PLAY
    My Baby! The Mutant Ears have played this song onstage many times and it always gets a great reception. It's also the favorite song of my family!
    This song is the main reason I asked Amado to play on my album. He's a master of Latin percussion and I can't say enough about his drumming on this cut. Love it!
    Keith added some wicked slide guitar to my piano and Amado's drums sealed the unique intro. Then, through the lyrics, I got to tell the story about a relationship with a beautiful lady that didn't quite turn out right.  Listen for George's chunky rhythm guitar during the verses. Wonderful sax leads here and Ron cements the sound with great work on the B3 organ.
  5. SEEKER    Copyright (c) 2018 Daniel A. Botkin    PLAY
    TRUE STORY: I met the love of my life in Abilene, Texas when I was about 19 years old. We were both in college and lived together for a while until I decided to move back to Atlanta, Georgia.
    It was only later that I realized that she really was the "love of my life" and I had stupidly given her up.  Couple of years later, I moved back to Texas and took an apartment in Dallas.
    I found her in Abilene but, by this time, she was already in a relationship with another and I was heartbroken.
    This song, SEEKER, came from those desperate feelings of lost love. It took a long time to develop this song in the studio with it's zooming leads and changes.
    Also, I do believe that the lyrics in this song are the best I've ever written. I guess a broken heart will do that for you...

    The story continues. (remind me to tell you sometime...)
  6. MISSISSIPPI STRAIGHT UP    Copyright (c) 2018 Daniel A. Botkin   PLAY
    Straight-ahead Blues from the cradle of the Blues. Yep, she done him wrong!  Excellent piano by Ron Spahlinger! 
    I play the fills on harmonica followed by a great guitar lead from Keith. Then we have some tasty harp leads from Paul and great drumming by Tyrone!
    I wrote this one during the severe flooding down in Mississippi several years back.
  7. DYIN' IN YOUR BEER    Copyright (c) 2018 Daniel A. Botkin   PLAY
    I was fronting country bands in Texas and Oklahoma when this song came to me.
    I mainly wrote it for the two-steppers to dance to. We would play it in the bars and joints we were gigging in at the time.
    It was well received by the dancers and the male drunks loved the punch line! (Ladies, not so much...)
  8. ONE MORE CHANCE    Copyright (c) 2018 Daniel A. Botkin (Written by Doug Chambers)   PLAY
    Many years ago, I had a friend from Oklahoma who was a very talented musician and fortunate enough to be on the road playing music with the big names.
    He stayed on the road so much, his beautiful wife decided to leave him. He wrote this song in an attempt to keep them together but I'm afraid it didn't work out.
    When he played it for me later on, I told him I really liked the song so he said to go ahead and take it as it hadn't worked for him.
    This is my arrangement of Doug's song complete with new harmonies and instrumentation so it sounds much different than the original.
    I really love the piano on this song. We all think this is one of the most radio-friendly songs on the album.

  9. DANCING DOWN IN TEXAS     Copyright (c) 2018 Daniel A. Botkin    PLAY
    I've been performing this song onstage for many years and there's no way we could leave it off the new album. It's a natural and fits well.

    Exciting harp leads to start this one off! Ron and Zac fill out the vocal with great harmonies.

    Ron and I spent a lot of time putting it together but it really took on a new life with the addition of George's screaming guitar which is just what it needed to complete the sound.
  10. SUMMERTIME    Copyright (c) 2018 Daniel A. Botkin (Written by George Gershwin)    PLAY
    A haunting take of this classic with a harmonica and piano duet.
    Ron and I were fortunate enough to perform this version at the Eisemann Center in Richardson.

  11. DON'T WORRY    Copyright (c) 2018 Daniel A. Botkin (Written by Mary Robbins)    PLAY
    The Country Classic! I performed this song for many years with great success when I was onstage singing and playing country music.
    It's included here as an ode to those days.

  12. CAT DANCIN'    Copyright (c) 2018 Daniel A. Botkin    PLAY
    My problem child. I worked and worked on this song and it just wouldn't come together for me.
    Ron came up with some fine rhythmic keyboard parts while I jumped in on drums for this song. JP held us together with a steady bass line.
    We added Louis on baritone sax and Gabe on Tenor to build the horn section. Still, there was something missing...
    I finally came up with the right backing vocal parts and harmonies to give it depth and then added the missing piece of the puzzle, George's great lead guitar.
    Now, it's one of my favorite cuts!
  13. YOU WERE NEVER MINE    Copyright (c) 2018 Daniel A. Botkin (Written by Delbert McClinton)    PLAY
    Once I heard Delbert perform this song, I knew that I had to work it up. This is a real tear-jerker and has been know to elicit tears from certain ladies in the audience.
    The music is mainly my piano with Ron's fine organ work and a sprinkling of George's guitar, here we go...


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