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     Powerful, original Texas blues, rock and country from a veteran of the hole-in-the-wall blues bars, concert halls, festivals and hard rocking honky-tonks of the Southwest.                                                       

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A history: Life on the stage...

Born and raised in the mountains of Tennessee, Dan got his start by poaching his brother's band instruments when he wasn't around to guard them.  He first appeared onstage behind a drum set at age 16 with "The Casuals", his sax-playing brother's popular rock and roll band in the early 60's. 

He migrated to Georgia and Florida after high school taking his drums with him. He landed in Daytona Beach, Florida to work as a lifeguard in the motels on the beach and play music anywhere he could find it.  As luck would have it, a local group, "The Allman Joys", was playing at the beachfront motel where he worked.  When the band found out that he was a drummer, they asked him to sit in (which he did).

Dan Sez... "Only years later did I realize that I had played in the same band with Duane and Gregg Allman!"

Moving on to Atlanta, he played gigs with many different musicians including guitarist, Harold Kelling, who was also the lead guitarist for a local underground band.  It was through him that Dan would again meet Duane and Gregg Allman in Piedmont Park after they had formed the The Allman Brothers Band.  Harold's band, The Hampton Grease Band, opened for them at the Piedmont Park shows in the mid 60's. Both bands were known for very long jams in their sets. 

  Dan continued to improve on drums as he played psychedelic rock with various local
  groups as well as getting a gig as an underage drummer in an Atlanta dance club playing
  soul music for the dancers.







Heading West to Abilene, Texas, he found the scene to be a whole different ballgame.  If you wanted to work, you played country or you didn't play.  He landed a gig with popular Country-Western band, Jack Bogart and The Coasters, featuring a great guitarist and a young fast bass player.  Dan was a long-haired rocker playing hard country in the beer joints of Abilene and had to deal with all the looks, comments and abuse that went with that in the 60's.

After a couple of  years paying dues the hard way in the hard-country bars of Abilene, he made his way to Dallas and landed in the rocking-hippie scene that was going on at the time.  Using his experience from Abilene, he found more work as a country drummer although with better rocking country bands.  He began to sing backup vocals and lead vocals from behind the drum kit and also started to work harmonica into his act, playing harp while playing drums.  He got more gigs on the side with psychedelic rock bands while he continued playing country-rock as his main job.

He eventually cut an album at Sumet Burnett studios in Dallas with a successful country band, Country Rain

As the disco movement developed in the 70's, Dan formed The Wildfire Trio to go on the road playing a mixture of Country, Disco and Rock n' Roll in clubs and lounges throughout Texas, Arkansas and Oklahoma.
Shown Below in Promo pic: Nancy (Vocalist), Mark Davis (Keyboards, Bass, Vocals), Dan (Drums, Vocals, Harmonica)


Later, rock music dominated the radio once again along with a resurgence of the blues so he could bail out of the lounge scene and get off the road. 

  Dan sez... "Check out that great outfit!"

Wanting to develop more as a singer, he began to frequent the many Opry stages around the Dallas area to get experience fronting good country bands.
He started getting known as a smooth country vocalist and went on to win "VOCALIST OF THE YEAR" at the Gladewater Opry.




It was around this time that he was heard by members of a local country-rock band who were looking for a lead singer and he was offered his first gig as a front man.


He continued to sing with many country-rock bands and developed a following as a lead vocalist / harmonica player in the honky tonks of Texas.


Moving away from country music, Dan continued to develop as a singer and harmonica player.
He worked with many groups as lead vocalist while also forming several bands of his own along the way...


Dan and Tommy at Gilmer Festival.                                                                                 Bill Martin and Dan.

Celebrating many diverse musicians and styles through the years...
   (Dan on harmonica with Harriet Flachmeier, a Dallas singer-songwriter)  

Later, he formed The Botkin-Aduddell-Martin Trio with two friends from the Dallas area.

  (Dan, Tommy Aduddell, Bill Martin)

The group later became The Botkin-Aduddell-Roberson Trio when Mike Roberson joined the band.

  Mike, Tommy, Dan at Hard Rock Cafe
Tommy and Dan playing outdoor festival
   Dan and Tommy as "The Blues Brothers"

  The B.A.R. Trio onstage at dinner theatre

They played many gigs together and later went into the studio to cut their first album: ONE LAST DANCE  ( see  WWW.BARTRIO.COM )

These days, you can find Dan playing in various bands around the Dallas area where he has appeared on stages as diverse as The Hard Rock, Fairmount Hotel, Poor David's Pub, The Bone, Balcony Club, Chandler's Landing, Sons of Hermann Hall, Trinity Hall Irish Pub, various Outdoor Festivals, and The Eisemann Center in Richardson, Texas.

  He is currently playing with THE MUTANT EARS, formed with friends Ron Spahlinger, Zac Groom and Gabe Dorrell.


Dan has been working on his new solo album in a Dallas studio for a while... Now Available!  (See "Listening Room" button at top left)
It's his first solo album and features a diversity of styles and original songs written by Dan throughout his years on the stage.

Dan sez... "My new album is called EasyBones - The Catman Chronicles. It contains songs that I've written over the years along with a lot of new songs that reflect the type of music I'm playing now. The album will cover the different styles of music that I've played throughout my career including Rock, Blues and Country so it will keep your feet moving while you listen. I've been blessed with some great musicians who share my vision and together we've created a really great album of original music that reflects my life on the stage!"


You can hear songs from his early years as well as his more recent music on YouTube.com

You can also visit his Facebook page: Click here ---> 

Go to www.youtube.com and search for THE MUTANT EARS and Dan Botkin Music

Here's a video of Ron and Dan from an appearance at THE EISEMANN CENTER in Richardson, Texas: Click here --->   SUMMERTIME  

  Dan Botkin & Ron Spahlinger

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